Our writing experience includes corporate manuals, marketing brochures, annual reports, scripts, biographies, corporate histories, websites and social media posts.


There are distinct differences between written word copy and spoken word scripts. 


My WordPress Blog, "Field Notes" is an eclectic mix of topics and observations.


On designed pieces, we work alone or in partnership with skilled designers, depending on the expectations of the client and budget.  We use Adobe Creative Suite for our design work.


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Construction Claims & Litigation

We have worked for many contractors, consultants, insurance companies and law firms documenting construction claims and disputes. 

Corporate "Archeologists"

We are corporate archeologists who succeed at locating rare photos and documents for corporate history pieces. We feel akin to documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, whose programs rely on the unusual letter, unpublished diaries and scrapbooks of executives and employees.  

Website Copy

Visitors to your website should not be burdened by text. Still, words are important. 

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Company Annual Reports, Brochures and Newsletters


The client may know what services and capabilities they wish to emphasize, but the words must speak the language of the intended audience and the design must not be foreign to their taste.


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Commissioned by his family as he neared death, we wrote the "autobiography" of Dr. Alfred Weber.  


"My true nature imbued me with an uncompromising desire to improve myself – by constantly questioning, learning and applying my experience to contribute to the care of others.  And now, my fortunes have been reversed.  I was diagnosed with an inoperable carcinoma several months ago, and I race the clock to put it all on paper so that my family, friends and colleagues may understand the privileges of a career in medicine, and that the perceived sacrifices – in the larger picture of universal purpose - are, in fact, no sacrifice at all."

Ad Copy

Sometimes, the fewer words, the better.  We specialize in humor and catch-of-phrase.