Training and employee engagement

We produce training programs and webinars for our clients.  Some are original presentations, while others are creative edits of Powerpoint presentations combined with recordings of live presentations.   Original programs are more expensive, but our clients find our treatment of simple presentations and video footage to be very cost effective.


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At the right, there are several examples of training programs.  Most fall under the category of risk management and loss prevention - covering one's assets.


As the production arm of our client Construction Media, Federal and State correctional facilities and departments rely on us to produce inmate programming that engages its "captive" audiences in multiple languages and closed-captioned.  Due to privacy concerns, you must request an opportunity to view these programs.

We have produced over 15 programs for Ahold USA (known in the East as Stop&Shop and Giant Supermarkets), ranging from warehouse operations to store emergency procedures to seafood display tutorials.  The program below was produced in a 72-hour window.

Ahold's "Campaign Against Strain" was one of our most successful series of programs and may be viewed in the sample videos at the right.